Cafe Bella Columbus
Menu?  What's a Menu?

All visitors are treated to daily specials that aren’t listed on the menu. In fact, there are no menus! Everything is prepared fresh daily with only the freshest ingredients available. Why waste paper to print something that changes so often? Oh, there is a chalkboard with a few basics on it but it doesn't even begin to cover the delicious options.

Organic and local products are featured as well as bounty from Vincent's recent trips. You can come in and enjoy Jerk Chicken from Jamaica, Pad Thai from Thailand and even a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich (Elvis' favorite) all the way from Memphis, TN.

Vegetarian and omnivore options are available every day. Vegan foods can be made upon request. Any allergy concerns can be mentioned right when ordering and Café Bella accommodates!

In fact, anything can be made upon request and advance notice. Yes, that's right. If you have a hankering for halibut prepared with [some exotic ingredient], simply call Café Bella and discuss "When?" And "How Many?" and that will determine the pricing.