Cafe Bella Columbus
Past & Present

Café Bella is a truly unique restaurant. It is located at 2593 North High Street in the Old North Columbus District. From its inception 13 years ago, under Carlo Borgia, Café Bella has always been a neighborhood favorite for great Italian food.

It has found new vigor with its new owner, Vincent Withers. Wearing several hats to run one’s own restaurant, Vincent takes care to make it interesting for customers as well as himself. "Bella", as it is affectionately known, still keeps the basic Italian foods available every day. Added to the mix are exotic treats based on places that Vincent has visited and daily specials that really do change daily!

New Owner, New Atmosphere

Café Bella is basically one long kitchen but you will come to love this pint-sized place to gather with old friends and make new ones. It offers more than an affordable meal. In warm months, the back patio comes alive with music on Wednesday nights. In cool months, pack into the cozy kitchen and enjoy the local artwork that is displayed.

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