Cafe Bella Columbus

Café Bella is the first of its kind in Columbus, a restaurant dedicated to solving the problem of food supply. Proprietor, Vince Withers, is a self taught, social enterprising Chef who embraces the idea of building community through reusing resources and shared agriculture. He believes in progressive and innovative gardening techniques utilizing and reusing containers of all kinds. He also believes in grass roots solutions that encourage self-reliance – show someone how to grow crops and in turn they can pass the knowledge onto others. On the patio, Vince is in the process of growing plants from seeds in various types of containers from buckets to gutters – crops include lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, squash, and broccoli. He donates the seedlings to SDA Food Choice, a local food pantry with a Vista worker who instructs clients on how to grow, care for, and harvest the plants. Hopefully they will pass this giving, sharing agriculture onto others. Vince is also experimenting with aquaculture, breeding fish and other sustainable food sources. Next year he is planning on donating 20 fish tanks that combine fish and plants.

If you would like to donate to the cause, please visit one of these links:

Take a stroll around, visit the patio and ask Vince what’s new! He will be delighted to show and tell you!

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